Šī vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai uzlabotu lietošanas pieredzi un optimizētu tās darbību. Turpinot lietot šo vietni, Jūs piekrītiet sīkdatņu lietošanai šajā mājaslapā. Lasīt vairāk

Numeri is one of the largest accounting firms in the Baltic states. Their clientele reaches from the Baltics, to USA and even Japan.

As Numeri had recently done a complete identity refresh, we were invited to make a brand new website which could hold all the necessary information about all three branches. The thing that distinguishes this project from others is that all branches has unified logo, but the color scheme for each country is different, representing blue - Estonia, red - Latvia, green - Lithuania.

Old version of Numeri website

We created one website with a multisite functionality. For business that means less administrative capacity and less expenses. They look as 3 separate websites, but technically it is one. The website works with .ee, .lv and .lt domains.


Each country's website is in different colour to express their uniqueness.


They also have visually stunning infographic to celebrate their similarities and celebrate their differences.